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How quickly and efficiently you can process data that is produced very quickly is a competitive advantage for your business.

As a way to speed up I/O processing of data, Beomu Systems is developing an in-memory block datastore technology called AKINES.

Based on the new method of in-memory computing solutions, the Bumpu system will focus its energy on the development of IT in Korea.

Our employees at Beomu Systems will make concerted efforts to advance beyond our home country to the world by implementing honest and sincere technologies.

Corporate value

We value the mutual respect and synergy based on people, technology, honesty and creativity.

Customer centered

As a business that creates the future, your opinion is of utmost importance.


An enterprise that provides an in-memory block datastore solution that provides ultra-fast data I/O.


ETRI alumni company founded in 2015 is continuously developing in-memory computing technologies and provides a solution called AKINES.